EEAC Needs

Despite some achievements and plans, the ECCA has yet challenges to be overcome. The major one is the capacity building of its workers. The ECCA was hit hard by the civil conflict that Burundi went through during the period of more than 10 years. Only 4 years after its beginning from scratches, this situation of unrest began in the country, and among the many difficulties it caused is the fact that the ECCA was not able to prepare and affirm its people both the things of God and in various leadership capacities. Thus, the church needs partners who are willing to work with it in these areas:

  1. Leadership training of pastors and other church workers
  2. Church planting ministry (to reach the threshold of 200 churches) across Burundi and beyond)
  3. Health ministry (for the construction of more clinical facilities)
  4. Education ministry (for the construction of primary and secondary schools)

Consider Financial Support